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Course Overview

After completing this course, you will be able to 

1) use your individual cognitive, social and emotional traits, together with areas of interest, to discover how to find the future jobs that can give you the greatest satisfaction; 

2) identify transferable skills of greatest value to the employers who have the jobs you’re interested in; 

3) apply a simple strategy for presenting your skills to an employer in an effective and convincing fashion.

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Course Description

This course, guides you to discover the interests, talents and competencies that you can use to find and do work that leverages your s...

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Course Objective

This course will help you see your path more clearly and will teach you how to communicate your value to an employer in a way that he ...

Skills You Will Gain

Presentation SkillInterview Skills

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Course Content

Researching Yourself

Discovering Your Transferable Skills

Improving Your English Pronunciation

Becoming a More Efficient Language Learner

Trans Neuron Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Trans Neuron is a Learn to Launch (L2L) Company, which aims to transform students & jobseekers into industry-ready professionals by providing them with adequate backing to take that journey. We are an innovative, out of the box company with immense faith in the power of the youth..


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